Tajemná Kaple by Vladimir Tucapsky (1991)
Tajemná Kaple (1991)

Vladimir Tucapsky was one of the most influential authors of the Czech underground comics scene that emerged in the 1980s. Tucapsky was born in Luhačovice and worked as a book seller, garden laborer and stage technician before becoming a freelance artist. He produced his first short experimental comix in 1983. During this decade he published, in very limited quantities, comics which fall into the alternative field.

Poutdo zeme safranu by Vladimir Tucapsky
Pout do zeme safranu (1989)

One of his best known works is 'Pout do zeme safranu' ('Pilgrimage to the Land of the Saffrons'), a poetic story about searching for the meaning of life. In 'Pilgrimage to the Land of the Saffrons' we can find hand-painted passages (each copy is an original), objects sticking out of the pages or even places which have been deliberately burned or soaked.

Another notable work by Tucapsky is 'Kloaka', a story influenced by the classic Czech comic 'Rychle Sipy' by Foglar and Fischer. After the fall of communism in 1989, Tucapsky's work found its way to magazines like Kometa and Tramp. His work inspired the creation of the comic anthology AARGH!.

Zhasnete Lampiony by Vladimir Tucapsky
Zhasnete Lampiony (2002)


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