Mevrouw de Heks, by Alex Turk

Alex Turk is best known as the creator of the comic strip 'Mevrouw De Heks'. It appeared in TV magazine TCN10 and then every Friday in the free newspaper Metro from 1999 to 2005. Since then, it has been published in the student's paper Atrium, the comics news magazine Stripnieuws and on Turk's website. The Leidse Stripshop published Turk's first album, 'Doezel de Muis', in 1996.

Katie by Alex Turk
Katie (Kidsweek #25, 2009)

Since then, Alex Turk has self-published several books with his work, such as 'Onschuldig Sprookje', 'On Air', 'Simon Roekert' and some 'Mevrouw de Heks' collections. Turk makes 'Timo' for Kidsweek Junior and 'Katie' for Kidsweek, and additionally works as a designer.

Mevrouw de Heks, by Alex Turk

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