comic art by Tybalt (1905)

Louis Tybalt was a French artist who filled the magazines of publishing house Offenstadt with humorous gags and jokes. His several series, 'Les Aventures en France d'Atropine, Servante Martiniquiase', 'Aventures de Zigouille, Lastec et Bobinard', and 'Les Farces de Mouillepatate et de Fil-de-Fer', 'Les Aventures Comiques de Panouile, Croguenoc et Dagumor' appeared in among others L'Épatant, Fillette and Lili in the 1910s and 1920s.

Cover for L'Épatant, by TybaltCover for L'Épatant, by Tybalt

Tybalt, who also sometimes signed with Ty, made his debut in Jean qui Rit in 1901, and was subsequently present in La Caricature, Americain Illustré, Le Petit Journal Illustré de la Jeunesse, Jeudi de la Jeunesse and La Vie de Garnison. During World War I, Tybalt drew some panels for 'Les Pieds Nickelés', when Louis Forton couldn't get his work through.

Un Combat Singulier, by Tybalt

A story for Lili, by Tybalt (1920)

comic art by Tybalt (1905)

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