Memorie di Ravengart, by Mario Uggeri
'Memorie di Ravengart, Il Re dei Polizotti'. 

Mario Uggeri was an Italian painter, sculptor and artist, born in Codogno, near Milan. He attended the Art School at Cremona, and was an Italian partisan during World War II. He was active in some anti-Nazi activities and was eventually sent to the Dachau concentration camp. He began his career right after the war, in 1945. He started out doing illustration work for Editore Tonelli, as well as his first comics work: 'Memorie di Ravengart, Il Re dei Poliziotti'. For Il Romanzo dei Ragazzi, he created 'Rage l'Invisibile' and 'Bill Terremoto' in 1946. He also contributed to the Bonelli scripted series 'Ipnos' and the magazine Incanto, as well as the daily Milano Sera, for which he created the daily 'Avventure del Partigiano Pesce'.

Rocky Rider, by Mario Uggeri
'Rocky Rider'.

By 1949, Uggeri focused on the western genre, starting with 'Rocky Rider' in Intrepido, and later 'Red Carson' and 'Yuma Kid' for Bonelli's publishing house Audace. He also contributed to the 'Tex Willer' series. In 1954, he joined the studios of Roy d'Ami, where he began working for the British market. He mainly did covers for Love Picture Libraries, but also 'Rodney Stone' for Junior Press Weekly in 1955. In 1957, he moved to London, where he worked for the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Express. He also took on new assignments from Fleetway, doing 'Buffalo Bill' in Comet.

Cover for Corriere dei Piccoli, by Mario UggeriCover for Domenica del Corriere, by Mario Uggeri
Cover illustrations for Il Corriere dei Piccoli and Domenica del Corriere. 

Through d'Ami, Uggeri also took on a longtime collaboration with Editrice Rizzoli, especially with Il Corriere dei Piccoli, where he illustrated 'Albino Cavallo d'Italia', 'Il Tamburino dell'Amba Alagi' and the western series 'Tommy River'. He also produced comics like 'Bonanza' (based on the TV show), 'Rin-Tin-Tin', 'Geronimo', 'Ribot - il Cavallo Miliardo', 'Capitan Coviello' and 'Le Avventure di Paglia, Luca, Carlo & C.'. He did illustration work for La Domenica del Corriere and Il Corriere dei Ragazzi, for which he took the series 'Smith & Wesson' with Alfredo Castelli.

Red Carson, by Mario Uggeri
'Red Carson'. 

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