Harap Alb by Octav Ungureanu
'Harap Alb Se Intoarce'. 

Octav Ungureanu is a Romanian illustrator and comic artist. He is best known for his characters 'The Urban Rabbit', 'Zobb the Alien' and 'Harap Alb se intoarce'.

Life and career
Born in 1983 in Bucharest, he started publishing his work in 2007. His first weekly comic series was 'The Urban Rabbit' in the newspaper Compact. He continued drawing slice-of-life comic strips in a weekly series that ran for 4 years, after which all episodes were published in a comics album titled 'Zobb, An Alien in Bucharest' (HAC!BD, 2014). The main character is a small, cute alien who, in short black-and-white comic strips, has to deal with traffic jams, grumpy waiters or long lines in the cinema.

Ungureanu's next comic series was 'Harap Alb se intoarce', published in the Romanian comic magazine HAC! (also published by HAC!BD), where Octav worked as a storyboard artist and contributing editor until 2015. Other long-term colaborations include children's magazines Scoala De Basm and Amintiri Din Copilarie, for which he illustrated many comic pages, games and puzzles.

Comic art by Octav Ungureanu
Comic strip by Octav Ungureanu for Lex Comics, featuring a cameo by Hanna-Barbera's Fred Flintstone, 2016. 

Octav is best-known for his comics blog Smoking Cool Cat. He also edits RevistaComics.ro, an online comic magazine that promotes Romanian artists, and organizes the Bucharest ComicsFest, an annual event that brings together much of the comic scene in Romania. Octav also does the lettering and translations of 'Deadpool' (created by Rob Liefeld) for the Romanian publisher Lex Comics, a licensed Marvel partner.

His work was featured in the 2016 Romanian anthology 'Union' and in 'Urmatorul Cadru', a relay comics album by 10 Romanian artists without a script, with each artist drawing one frame, and then passing the story to another artist for the next frame.

Zobb by Harap Alp
'Zobb, Un Extraterestru in Bucuresti'. 


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