Don Bom Bassie, by Bob Uschi
'Don Bom Bassie'. 

Bob Uschi was a Dutch illustrator and pioneering radio maker. Born in Rotterdam as the son of a liberal Jewish German, he moved to Berlin at age 8. He studied medicine, but cancelled his studies during the crisis years and returned to the Netherlands. In 1934, he worked as a sport caricaturist with the Rotterdam newspaper Voorwaarts. Two years later, he went to work for Het Volk.

Abe Lenstra (Heerenveen), Luc van Dam and Smulders (Feyenoord), by Bob Uschi
Caricatures of Abe Lenstra (Heerenveen), Luc van Dam and Smulders (Feyenoord).

Uschi also did illustrations for the Radiogids (VARA). After World War II, he founded an art studios with a companion. Ushi's drawings of sportsmen appear in a great variety of newspapers and are very popular.

Willem Tell by Bob Uschi (Radiogids)
'Willem Tell'. 

Uschi also illustrated books, such as 'Karel Knal en de Wonderschoenen' by H.J. Looman and C.H. Geudeker and 'Don Bom Bassie de Brave Boef' by H.J. Looman. For Het Vrije Volk, he made the comic series 'De Reisavonturen van Jonas Kwistebiebel en Jimmie Link' in 1946.

Jonas Kwistebiebel, by Bob Uschi
'Jonas Kwistenbiebel'. 

In addition to his work as an illustrator, Uschi went to work for the radio in 1948. He is the founding father of the modern Dutch radio documentary, together with Gabri de Wagt. Together, they made a series of documentaries about the medical world. In 1966, he became head of the Radioplays and Documentaries department of the NRU.

Bom Bassie, by Bob Uschi
'Dom Bom Bassie'. 

Later on, he became head Radio Documentaries at the NOS. As an independent documentary maker, he deals with several controversial issues, such as paedophilia, prostitution, suicide and other taboos. For several years, his Radiorama was one of the most popular broadcasts on Dutch radio. He retired in 1980.

Karel Knal, by Bob Uschi
Cartoon by Bob Uschi.

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