De Slag om Arnhem by Hennie Vaessen
De Slag om Arnhem

Hennie Vaessen is a Dutch illustrator, graphic artist and comic artist, mainly active in the commercial field. Working through his Studio Vaessen, he has done full-color books commissioned by several factories and companies, including opticians, banks, bakers, cheese makers, jam makers, and movers. In this occupation, he has illustrated the modern rendition of 'Flipje' for Hero, among others.

Beppie en Bas, by Hennie Vaessen
Beppie en Bas

He is also the author of 'Beppie en Bas', the comic strip that appears in magazine Boodschappen of supermarket Dekamarkt, and of 'Patatje mèt' in Zorgbelang. In early 2012 he published the first book in his historical comics trilogy about the Battle of Arnhem, called 'Slag om Arnhem - September 1944', through Pelikaanpers, which he runs with Tine Bouwhuis.

comic for Striprofiel, by Hennie Vaessen
Comic for Striprofiel, 1980s

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