Rise of the forsaken by Emiliyan & Stanimir Valev

The brothers Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev are Bulgarian comic authors and illustrators, who are working on a collective oeuvre. Their works have been showcased at international festivals and exhibitions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Romania, and Colombia. Their stories were published in Bulgaria, Republika Srpska, Romania, Turkey, France, USA, and Argentina.

The Thirst by Stanimir and Emiliyan Valev

Some of their most successful projects in Bulgaria are 'The Bulgarian Kings' (2008), of which they -where the writers, and their creator-owned comic strip 'Star Bable' (2009). In 2011, they released 'Under My Skin', the first digital graphic novella in Bulgaria.

In the mood by Stanimir and Emiliyan Valev
In the mood

The Valev brother have had their short stories published in such diverse publications as 'Grayhaven’s Limitless Steampunk Anthology', the French interactive illustration magazine Barbacoa Mag, Republika Srpska’s comics magazine Parabellum, and the Argentine arts magazine Metropia. They were also the first non-Romanian contributors to the Romanian comics magazine Comics in 2012. Their stories are also featured on the online comics community Amilova.com.

Under my skin by Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev


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