comic art by Valium

Henriette Valium, whose real name is Patrick Henley, was born in 1959 in Montreal. Besides appearing in numerous anthologies around the world, he has also had a number of albums published in France, Canada, and the US. Some of his titles include '1000 It's an Album Valium!' (1987 & 1996, self-published), 'Primitive Cretin' (1994 & 1996, self-published), 'Elle Est De Retour!' (1989), 'Maladies' (1991), 'The Clinical Visit' (1995), 'La Prison Anale des Freres Rouges' (1996), 'Primitive Cretin' (1996), 'Curées Malades' (2000), and 'Mother's Heart' (2000). His style is hallucinogenic and over-powering.

comic art by Valium

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