L'Espiègle Lili, by André Vallet
'L'Espiègle Lili'

André Vallet was a French illustrator, painter and comic artist, best known as co-creator of 'L'Espiègle Lili' ('Mischievous Lili', 1909) with writer Jo Valle. This series has become the second-longest running French comic series of all time, only behind Louis Forton's 'Les Pieds Nickelés' (1908). The adventures of this dynamic little girl appeared in Fillette from 21 October 1909 on and would run until 1998.

Imagerie Quantin, art by Andre Vallet
Picture story by André Vallet, from the Imagerie Quantin.

Around the turn of the 20th century, Vallet drew picture stories for the prints of Imagerie Quantin in Paris, in the tradition of the "Images d'Épinal". His artwork was also featured in Le Journal Comique and Sans Soucis.

Lili, by Andre Vallet
'L'Espiègle Lili'.

Vallet worked as an illustrator for publisher Offenstadt, where he specialized in military and juvenile stories. In 1929 Vallet wrote 'Ninette et Cloclo' for René Giffey in Lili and in 1930 he worked with Jo Valle again on 'Le Bison Noir du Far West' for l'Intrepidé. His work was also featured in magazines like Le Journal Comique and Sans Soucis.

Regiment, by Andre Vallet (1918)
Cover illustration for Regiment, 4 July 1918. 

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