Het Geheim van Hawk-Manor, by Frits Van Den Berghe

Frits Van Den Berghe was a famous Belgian expressionist painter, who was also active in the comics field. From 1931 to 1933, he made illustrations for weekly stories in the Vooruit daily from Ghent. From 1935 until his death, he was a staff artist for the magazine, doing hundreds of illustraions, caricatures and portraits. He also did a comic called 'Album van Pierken', published in local dialect written by the Flemish poet-journalist Richard Minne.

comic art by Frits van den Berghe

In Voor Allen, he did a weekly cartoon with the character 'Jan van Plan'. He did several comics for the Belgian comics weekly Bravo from 1936, starting with 'Pikkel en Duim'. He also did five comics with John Flanders's 'Edmund Bell' character: 'De Man met het Witte Aangezicht', 'De IJzeren Tempel', 'Het Geheim van Hawk-Manor', 'Het Mysterie van de Witte Tijger', and 'Mysteras'. After his death, Van den Berghe's running serials were continued by his pupil Leo de Budt.

Het Geheim van Hawk-Manor, by Frits Van Den Berghe

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