Robert en Bertrand, by Ron van Riet
'Robert en Bertrand'.

Ron van Riet studied arts in Antwerp and began his career doing freelance assignments for Fotogravure Steurs. He was an artist of the Vandersteen studios since 1970. He cooperated on the 'Bessy' production for the German market, and became head of the 'Bessy' studio in 1980. Van Riet was the artist of the series 'Robert en Bertrand' from 1985 until the end (script by Marck Meul). In 1987 Van Riet and Meul made the advertising comic, 'Een Bank Vooruit' (printed by Het Volk Gent), to promote saving at the CERA Bank (nowadays KBC Bank).

Bessy by Ron van Riet
Bessy #128 - 'De Ontsnapte'.

When 'Robert en Bertrand' was cancelled, Van Riet went to work as a freelance artist for Woepie, the children's supplement of Het Laatste Nieuws. For Suske en Wiske Weekblad, he developed the series 'Zwik en Zwak' with Pug (Peter van Gucht). This was a gag comic about two clowns, the short one being Zwik, the tall one Zwak. Van Riet additionally made illustrations for children's and educational books.

Robert en Bertrand by Ron van Riet
Robert en Bertrand #85 - 'Palingoproer'.

Van Riet has worked with Eddy Ryssack on the advertising comic 'Het Flying Circus'. He also took over Ryssack's character 'Woepie' in Het Laatste Nieuws. Van Riet has inked the Jeff Broeckx comics 'Gaston en Leo' and 'De Bobbejaanstory'.

Zwik en Zwak by Ron van Riet
'Zwik en Zwak'.

In 1998, Van Riet drew the educational and historical comic 'De Wolf van Sint-Pieter' with text by Edward de Maesschalck for Het Davidsfonds. Other promotional strips by Van Riet are 'Graag Gedaan' (1996), 'De Vermetele Verzamelaar' (1999) and 'De Val der Blinden' (2002).

He paid tribute to Marc Sleen in 'Marc Sleen 80. De enige echte' (2002). In 2005 Van Riet made a graphic contribution to 'Suske en Wiske 60 Jaar!' (2005), which paid homage to Willy Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske, and later did the same for Pom in 'Op Het Spoor van Pom' (2011).

Van Riet has a cameo in the 'Robert en Bertrand' story 'Een Toren voor Parijs'.

De Wolf van Sint-Pieter, by Ron van Riet
'De Wolf van Sint-Pieter'.

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