Margriet by Erik Vancoillie

Erik Vancoillie was a 20th-century Flemish comics artist who seemingly only made one comic book in his career: a 1993 one-shot comic based on Flemish media star Margriet Hermans. It remains one of the most bizarre and nowadays obscure Flemish celebrity comics. 

In the late 1980s and early 1990s singer Margriet Hermans gained fame in Flanders thanks to her own talkshow, 'Margriet'. She was also a permanent panel member in the radio game show 'De Zoete Inval' and the TV game show 'Zeg Eens Euh!' (of which the format was based on the British format 'Just a Minute'). Margriet appealed to a certain segment of Flemish people because she wasn't a professional entertainer, just a regular woman who had an amiable attitude and reacted to anything remotedly funny with spontaneous and notoriously loud and infectious laughter. In 1993 it therefore seemed an interesting idea to writer Peter Verbelen and artist Erik Vancoillie to create a celebrity comic book about her: 'Het Zeemeerminelixir' (Promar, 1993). Low sales prevented any sequels. 

However, it did convince professional cartoonist Jean-Pol (of 'Kramikske' fame) that if something like this got published he could probably launch a celebrity comic based on the popular children's TV show 'Samson en Gert' with more success. Or as he put it: "Normally I never say anything bad about the work of colleagues, but the 'Margriet' comic looked atrocious. If this worked with her then a comic book about 'Samson en Gert' done by professional artists could be better." 

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