Wolfbeen by Erwin Vanmol

Erwin Vanmol was born in Aalst, and educated at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. After his studies, he became a professional soldier. He left the army in 1995 and went to work as a marble painter, restorer and confectioner.

Knolbert by Erwin Vanmol

While recovering from an accident in 2000, he started drawing cartoons. He sold his first cartoon to Computer Magazine in that same year. Vanmol works for several Belgian and foreign magazines, such as Ché and Knack. His comic characters include 'Molotov', 'Krapunzel' and 'Wolfbeen'. When his 11-year association with Knack came to an end, Vanmol found a regular spot in P-Magazine in 2012. He was the town cartoonist of the city of Aalst and published the monthly 'Knolbert' strip in the city paper Denderend Aalst until 2013.

Graasland by Erwin Vanmol
Comic strip satirizing the governmental crisis between Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and NVA party leader Bart De Wever. Di Rupo, son of Italian immigrants, is depicted as an Italian maffiosi in a scene satirizing 'The Godfather'. The horse head put in De Wever's bed is socialist party leader Caroline Gennez, whose face was often ridiculed for looking like a horse.


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