comic art by Ventura and Nieto

For years, Enrique Ventura gave satirical comments on society and actuality, along with his scriptwriter Miguel Angel Nieto (1947-1995). From 1971, they published in numerous Spanish magazines, such as Molinete, Trinca, El Papus, Barrabás, El Cuervo, Troya, El Jueves, Rambla, Nacional Show, Tuboescape, Rumbo Sur, and Titánic. They were also published in foreign magazines, such as Pilote, Fluide Glacial, Virus (France), Alternlinus, Totem (Italy), and Snif (Mexico).

comic art by Enrique Ventura

Several albums with collections of their work have been published throughout the years. Enrique Ventura has also been active in the animation and avertising fields and he has written three novels. The most popular series by Ventura & Nieto is 'Grouñidos en El Desierto' (1979). This series, featuring Groucho Marx, has been published for many years in weekly magazine El Jueves. By now, Ventura makes the series on his own.

Grouñidos en el desierto, by Enrique Ventura
'Grouñidos en El Desierto' (El Jueves 1867, March 2013).

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