Freezer en Albedil, by Jan Vervoort
Freezer en Albedil

Jan Vervoort started drawing after his education in industrial design. His first strip was 'Jan Trend', and it was published in the monthly magazine Janboel in 1975-76. He then began an association with the Malmberg magazines Jippo and Taptoe. He was originally intended to succeed Joost Swarte on 'Katoen + Pinbal', but it was eventually decided that he should start his own series. This became the Clear Line-comic 'Freezer en Albedil'. Vervoort created a couple of other comics for these magazines between 1980 and 1984, including 'Pim Perikel', 'Lila en Merijn' and 'Bo & Flo'.

He attempted to reach an older audience with comics like 'Melior', that appeared in Titanic. He was also present in Doorzon's Komplete Karavan Gids with 'You may already be a winner!'. Vervoort was subsequently present in Eppo/Wordt Vervolgd, Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad and SjoSji with his comic 'De avonturen van Elno'. He returned to Malmberg in the 1990s with the characters like 'Garbo en Coen' and 'Eline'. Jan Vervoort has additionally made commercial comics for Rabobank ('Stilte-opname', 1983) and Nationale Nederlanden ('Corstiaans', 1984).

Stilte, opname by Jan Vervoort

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