Broeder Gossewijn, by Stefan Verwey
'Broeder Gosewijn'. 

Stefan Verwey is a well known Dutch cartoonist, who has been a regular with newspaper De Volkskrant for many years. Verwey got his interest in combining humor with images when he was a child, watching Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy movies. His first published work was the comic 'Broeder Gosewijn', and it described Verwey's own frustrations about his boarding school years. This comic was first published in the magazine Katholieke Illustratie, and was subsequently published in Belgium, South Africa and Italy.

comic art by Stefan Verwey
Cartoon by Stefan Verwey, depicting Dutch holiday character Sinterklaas. Translation: "For yourself, or is it a present?".

Vervey started his collaboration with De Volkskrant in 1973. He made political cartoons in the 'Dag In Dag Uit' feature as well as other sections, like Wetenschap (Science). Later on, he also drew for Vrij Nederland. In the mid-1980s, he suffered from a hernia, which prevented him from drawing for a while. After his recovery, he changed his style and resumed his cartooning activities. Verwey also works for De Gelderlander and De Standaard.

Verwey has received various prizes for his work. Among them the Inktspotprijs for "Best Political Cartoon" twice in a row, in January 1998 and 29 January 1999. His gags were collected in books published by De Harmonie in Amsterdam, and he had a big exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

He was an influence on Benjamin Kikkert

comic art by Stefan Verwey
Cartoon by Stefan Verwey.

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