Pole du Nord, by Vica

Vica is one of the most controversial French comic artists of the 1930s and 1940s. Because of his Nazi-sympathies, inspired by his anti-Communist past, his work has often been ignored, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Vincent Krazousky was the son of an officer in the Russian Tsarist Army. He was injured while fighting in Wrangel's White Army and had to flee to France after the Bolshevik revolution. He often went by the name André Vickovic, claiming he was born in Lithuania in 1911. His pseudonym, Vica, is short for his real Russian name: Vikenty. To complicate matters, Vica also used this nickname for the main character in his comics.

comic art by Vica

He settled in Paris in 1929, where he commenced a career as a graphic artist. He illustrated a series of pamphlets for a company called Banania between 1935 and 1938. He also began a collaboration with the Belgian publishing house Gordinne, and created the comic books: 'Les Aventures de Vica', 'Vica au Pôle Nord', 'Vica au Fond d'un Volcan', 'Vica Scaphandrier' and 'Poum Plum'. In 1936, 'Les Extraordinaires Aventures de Bib et Bob Chez les Gangsters' was published by Paris-Soir Dimanche.

He continued the adventures of the sailor Vica with publisher Théophraste Renaudot from 1940 until 1942. In 1940, working with the artist Ringard, Vica created 'Le Rêve Merveilleux de Madame Cinq Tonnes chez les Mammouths'. In 1943, Vica created 'Le Fantôme de la Tour Eiffel' for the Nazi newspaper Le Téméraire.

Au Fond d'un Volcan, by Vica

Vica's political ideas became especially transparent in his three albums for Maison Dompol and Editions Coloniales et Métropolitaines: 'Vica au Paradis de l'U.R.R.S.', 'Vica Contre le Service Secret Anglais' and 'Vica Contre l'Oncle Sam'. These publications established Vica's anti-communist, anti-British and anti-American attitude, although they also contained anti-semitic elements.

It is said that, after the War, he spent some time in prison in Fresnes. Only three Vica albums are known from after 1945, 'Pousse-Tout et Passe-Partout', under the pseudonym Tim; and 'Le Cirque Mitou' and 'Le Corbeau et le Renard', which he signed VK. Despite his indefensible ideologies, Vica's work is notable for its engaging graphic style.

comic art by Vica

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