Elven by Nando Vicente

Nando Vicente is an artist from Salamanca, Spain. He studied Art at the University of Salamanca and during his period, he published his first comics in fanzines and magazines. After his studies, he focused on music and graphic design for a couple of years, but he returned to comics in 2009. He is an artist with WiFi Digital Press, for which he draws the series 'James Zomb', 'Elven' and the graphic novel 'Romero's Requiem'. His other credits include the 4 issues miniseries 'The Resort' (Iconic Comics, USA), the graphic novels 'Innocent' and 'Alecto Songbook' (both King Tractor Press, USA), 'Parnaso de los Dioses' (AGC Comics, Spain) and the miniseries 'Dominion: Eulogy' (803 Studios, USA).

James Zomb by Nando Vicente
James Zomb

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