Cartoon by Vicq
Vacances sinistres de Vicq

Raymond Antoine, better known as Vicq or Vick, was a Belgian cartoonist and scriptwriter. He began his career in the mid-1950s as a humorous illustrator for magazines like Le Rire, Cordées, France Soir, Pourquoi Pas, Le Moustique, L'Os à Moelle, La Libre Belgique and Le Soir Illustré. He was also part of the original team of Hara-Kiri magazine.

Vicq has written a great many scripts for several Spirou comics from the early 1960s until the early 1980s. He has penned stories with characters like 'Sophie' for Jidéhem, 'Hultrasson' and 'Barbe Noire' for Remacle, 'La Ribambelle' and 'Boule et Bill' for Roba, 'Eric et Artimon' for Will, 'Max' for Bara and 'Théophile et Philibert' for Deliège.

comic art by Vicq

He also worked extensively with Greg on series like 'Zig et Puce' in Pif, and 'Constant Souci' and 'Les As' in Tintin. His best known creation is 'Taka Takata', that he created with Azara for Tintin in 1965. Also for Tintin, he co-created 'Korrigan' with Franz, 'Fleurdelys' with Mazel and 'Les Frères Bross' with Guilmard. In 1980, he wrote the 'Lucky Luke' episode 'Le Magot des Dalton' for Morris. He also continued to draw cartoons himself for sections like 'Vacances sinistres de Vicq' and 'Gags de Vicq'.

Vicq had his own column in Spirou in the late 1970s, called 'L'homme au Rameau d'Olivier entre les Dents', for which he returned to cartooning and in which he could show his skills in model building. Vicq disappeared from the spotlights in the 1980s, and for a long time the whereabouts of the mysterious Raymond Antoine were unknown. It was eventually discovered by Yvan Delporte that Raymond Antoine had passed away in a Brussels hospital in 1987.

comic art by Vicqcomic art by Vicq

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