La Cape et l'Epée, by Odette Vincent
La Cape et l'Épée (La Soleil, 1941-42)

Rodolphe Vincent (22 February 1905 - 12 July 1989) and Odette Fumet (8 January 1911 - 4 February 1995) were among the first artists of realistic comics in Quebec. The young couple produced several adaptations of sword and cape novels under the name Éditions Vincent. Some of their stories appeared in the newspapers L'Action Catholique and Le Petit Journal during World War II.

La Fille du Brouillard by Odette Vincent
La Fille du Brouillard

'Sergent Belle-Rose', 'La Fille du Brouillard' (an adaptation of Walter Scott's 'Anne of Geierstein') and 'La Toison d'Or' appeared between 1942 and 1944, and were later reprinted in collections by the Quebec Éditions de l'A.B. However, when U.S. newspaper comics started to appear in the Quebec newspapers, the Vincents found themselves without a job.

Belle Rose, by Odette Vincent
Belle Rose
Pluck et les Insectes, by Odette Vincent
Pluck et les Insectes

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