Greeting card by Leendert-Jan Vis

Leendert-Jan Vis is a Dutch illustrator, who is known worldwide for the greeting cards he designed with his trademark animals like mice, giraffes and sheep. He was trained in Electronic Engineering, but only stayed in that industry for a short period of time. He wrote 'Donald Duck' scripts for the Dutch publisher Oberon between 1982 and 1986, before he started designing cards. From 1983 on, he also wrote episodes of 'De Leukebroeders' for Peer Coolen in Eppo magazine, succeeding the previous scriptwriter Uco Egmond. His own animal characters have not only appeared on greeting cards, that have sold over 100 million worldwide, but also on mugs and games, etc. Vis is the author of children's books like 'Jaap Schaap', 'Een Kip Doet...' and 'Op De Boerderij'. In 1995, he made the comic story 'The Hidden World' for Pulse Interactive.

Comic strip by Leendert-Jan Vis

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