Francesco Domati by Dick Visser
'Francesco Domati'.

Very little is known about the Dutch mid-20th century comic artist "Dick Visser". It is not even sure if an artist with this name even existed, and his oeuvre has been the subject of much discussion throughout the years.

Life and career
Dick Visser was initially identified by Martin Lodewijk as the artist of the pulp comic book hero 'Fred Penner' for publisher ATH in Rotterdam. The actual author of this comic is by now however revealed as Lou Visser, an artist from Rotterdam. Dick Visser is still credited as the author of the sole issue of 'Francesco Domati, Bandiet-Detective', published in 1952 by Winants, a local bookseller and publisher from Heerlen. The announced issues #2 and #3 never appeared. On the cover, the comic book was credited to "Luc Brown" (story) and "Jake" (artwork). Visser's assumed pen name Albert Winands also proved incorrect, because the real Winands worked under the pseudonym Albert Survie and was only twelve years old when 'Francesco Domati' was published.

Francesco Domati
'Francesco Domati, Bandiet-Detective'. 

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