Wanak by Dick Visser

Dick Visser was an artist for Dutch pocket comic books of the 1950s, called "beeldromans". According to interviews with Martin Lodewijk, he was an artist from Rotterdam. Under the pen names Luc Brown and Jake he illustrated one issue of 'Francesco Domati', published by Winants. The announced issues 2 and 3 never appeared. By 1957 he was drawing the title feature as well as 'Wanak' for publisher ATH's 'Babel en Knetterton' book. Visser provided artwork for the first issues, but then only continued 'Wanak', while 'Babel en Knetterton' was handed over to a young Martin Lodewijk from issue 3.

Francesco Domati by Dick Visser
Francesco Domati

There is some discussion about the identity of Dick Visser. Some sources claim that Dick Visser is the same artist as Lieuwe Visser, the artist of 'Fred Penner'. Others think that Albert Winands is Dick Visser. The latter is improbable since Winands was 12 years of age when 'Francesco Domati' was published in 1952.

Babel en Knetterton by Dick Visser

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