1000 Bogova Domovinije by Nenad Vukmirovic
1000 Bogova Domovinije (Yu Strip #83-84, January 1986)

Nenad Vukmirovic started working in the comic field in the mid-1980s while living in Belgrade. After some solo projects in the magazines NON, Yu Strip, Mladost, Cepelin and Vidika, he formed a team with the Goran brothers and Mihajlo Stanisic. The team started the series '1000 Gods of Fatherlandia' ('1000 bogova Domovinije'), which ran from 1984 to 1987 in Yu-Strip. During the ethnic conflict in his country, Vukmirovic moved to Amsterdam, where he started out as an advertising artist. At the same time, he drew 'Sibir-gulag' in Posse Magazine. His comic 'One Early Winter' was featured in the collective 'Signed by War' album.

One Early Winter, by Nenad Vukmirovic

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