Zarathushtra, by Ram Waeerkar

Ram Waeerkar (also written as Waeerker) has worked as an artist for the Indian comic book collection 'Amar Chitra Katha', a series of stories from Indian mythology, history, folklore and culture. Waeerkar did his first payed drawing assignment as early as age 12, when he made illustrations for a calendar. He later made illustrations for the children's magazine Kishor, and political cartoons for the Times of India, before joining Anant Pai in the launch of the 'Amar Chitra Katha' series in 1967, that also featured work by artists like Dilip Kadam, Souren Roy, Chandrakant D. Rane, Geoffrey Fowler and Pratap Mullick.

Singing Out a Secret by Ram Waeerkar
'Singing Out A Secret' (Tinkle Comics).

He was the illustrator of the very first issue, 'Krishna', and of many more, like 'Zarathushtra', 'Battle of Wits', 'Gopal and the Cowherd' and several 'Birbal' tales. 'Krishna' was released in 1969 in English and Hindi, and was an instant bestseller. By 1980 he was also one of the artists for Tinkle Comics, a monthly children's magazine edited by Pai. Waeerkar drew characters like 'Suppandi', 'Nasruddin Hodja', 'Pyarela' and lillustrated many stories requested by readers, that appeared in the section 'Reader's Choice'. Ram Waeerkar continued to draw until his death in 2003. His final comics projects were 'Vishwamitra' and 'Chanakya'. His daughter Archana Amberkar continued the adventures of his creation 'Suppandi' after his death.

A Son-In-Law Comes To Dinner by Ram Waeerkar
'A Son-In-Law Comes To Dinner' (Tinkle Comics).

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