Max und Miki, by Otto Waffenschmied

Otto Waffenschmied was one of the most productive and most versatile creators of comics and children's tales in Germany of the 1930s. He was the artist and the editor of the children's magazine Dideldum, which appeared from 1929 to 1941. It was published by Belog Verlag and later by Gerhard Stalling, and the main distributor was the Karstadt department store chain.

Onkel Klaus, by Otto Waffenschmied

Among Waffenschmied's many creations are 'Muck und Puck und Adelheid' (initially published under the name 'Onkel Klaus und seine Neffen'), and 'Max und Miki, die Weltbummler'. The magazine also featured several puppet stories, as well as the continuing 'Kasper' story (since 1936). On the magazine's back cover, he introduced the adventures of 'Käppen Bidebux'.

comic art by Otto Waffenschmied

Waffenschmied signed his editorials Onkel Dideldum. In the magazine's final issue of May 1941, Onkel Dideldum wrote that he had to go into the army, but when peace was at hand, he would be back with new issues of Dideldum. After the War, Waffenschmiedt tried to launch a second run of the Dideldum magazine (in 1950), but this short-lived attempt proved unsuccessful. In addition to the Dideldum magazine, Waffenschmied had also written and illustrated the 'Jan und Hein' series of children's books.

Dideldum cover

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