Word by Henning Wagenbreth
Comic art by Henning Wagenbreth.

Henning Wagenbreth is a German illustrator and graphic designer, who works on both commissioned and personal art projects. He makes illustrations and designs for books, posters, newspapers and magazines and also designs his own typefaces. He has also worked in animation, film, theater and music, and works as a professor in Illustration at the University of Arts in Berlin since 1994. His refined printing technique produces very powerful and colorful images that provoke a feverish atmosphere. His art lends itself well to illustrating poems as well as for creating graphic novels.

comic art by Henning Wagenbreth
Comic art by Henning Wagenbreth. 

For his projects he uses varying techniques, including woodblock, linocut prints and computerized images, as well as manual and industrial printing techniques in his design work. This is evident in his 2006 book by Gingko Press, 'Cry for Help: 36 Scam E-Mails from Africa'. Some of the books he has illustrated include: 'Fallende Groschen' (text: Uli Becker, 1994), 'Der Polarforscher' (text: T. Coraghessan Boyle, 1995), 'Große Mausefalle - Groteske Gedichte' by Alfred Lichtenstein (Eulenspiegel Verlag, 1996) and 'Mond und Morgenstern' (text: Wolfram Frommlet, 1999). With the Büchergilde Gutenberg he has produced art books like 'Das Geheimnis der Insel St. Helena' (2002) and 'Honky Zombie Tonk - Die blauen Geister von New Orleans' (2013).

Plastic Dog by Henning Wagenbreth
Comic art by Henning Wagenbreth.

Wagenbreth is a German pioneer in comics created with the computer. He has contributed comics created with this technique to Der Zeit in 2004, collected in the book 'Plastic Dog'. It was released in French by L'Association in 2012 and subsequently as a board book by the German publisher Walde+Graf bei Metrolit in 2013.

Berlin by Henning Wagenbreth
Comic art by Henning Wagenbreth. 


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