comic art by Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner began his career when he created 'Mage', which was published by Comico Comics in 1984. Matt Wagner tells the story of Kevin Matchstick, a young listless man who discovers that he is a hero, and therefore must battle creatures and forces of mythological origin on Earth. In the back of the issues of his comic 'Mage', Wagner began a storyline about criminal mastermind/assassin/anti-hero Hunter Rose, also known as 'Grendel'. After a single short book and several separate short stories about Grendel, the series spun out into a 50-issue epic. Wagner also worked on 'Sandman Mystery Theatre', the 'Batman/Grendel' team-up and several other Batman stories. Some of Wagner's 'Grendel' comics were inked and colorized by Joe Matt.

Mage, by Matt Wagner

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