Terry Thomas by Terry Wakefield
'Terry Thomas' (1958).

Terence "Terry" Wakefield had one great advantage: his father, George Wakefield, was one of the top comic artists of the golden age. George Wakefield's speciality was drawing strip cartoon adventures of cinema stars, an ability he passed on to young Terence. Born in London, Terry became his father's fulltime assistant on his comics for Amalgamated Press titles like Film Fun at age 14. He later attended Richmond Art School and began an association with the AP himself in 1927.

Laurel & Hardy by Terry Wakefield
'Laurel & Hardy' (1953).

Wakefield did his first work for AP nursery comics, creating features like 'Quackie the Duck' for Tiny Tots. While continuing to assist his father on his Film Fun sets in the 1930s, Wakefield Jr. also drew features for Tip Top ('Dinkum the Dog Detective', 'Tim and Twinkle'), Joker ('Millie the Mascot'), Illustrated Chips and Butterfly ('It's That Lad Again').

Red Skelton by Terry Wakefield
'Red Skelton' (Film Fun, 11 September 1954).

Terence Wakefield was a gunner in the Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft and also served in the King's Own Light Infantry during World War II. Back in civil life in 1946, he took over Film Fun's 'Laurel & Hardy' strip. It was one of the regular features of his father, who had passed away in 1942. Terry Wakefield continued to draw the comical duo's comics exploits until 1957.

Terence Wakefield drew a couple of other Film Fun sets, but retired from comics in 1959, after 32 years working for Amalgamated Press. He spent his final working years as a driver for the West Middlesex Hospital.

Charlie Chaplin, by Terence Wakefield
'Charlie Chaplin'. 

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