Torchy, by Bill Ward

Bill Ward, who studied at the Pratt Institute, was an acclaimed "good girl" comics artist. He created numerous romance strips for among others Quality. His most famous creation is 'Torchy'. In the early stages of his career, he has also done pencil work for such famous comic books as 'Captain Marvel' and 'Bullet Man', when he was part of Jack Binder's shop. At Quality, he also took over 'Blackhawk' from Reed Crandall.

Torchy, by Bill WardTorchy, by Bill Ward

After Dr. Wetham's 'Seduction of the Innocent', Ward moved from comics to his best known works, his countless pin-up cartoons. His best work appeared from 1957 to 1963 in the Humorama line of digest magazines. Throughout the years, Ward's work became more and more erotic and even pornographic.

Flaming Love by Bill Ward

comic art by Bill Ward

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