Deed-a-day Danny, by Norman Yendell Ward
'Deed-A-Day Danny'. 

Norman Yendell Ward took a correspondence course in cartooning in 1932. In a short while he had some of his cartoons accepted by the weekly magazine Tit-Bits and later by Detective Weekly. Ward's first comic strips were based on popular personalities of the period, which would eventually lead him to a career at Film Fun. First came 'Arthur Prince and Jim', a strip based on a ventriloquist, in The Pilot, followed by 'Wee Georgie Wood' in The Buzzer. Other works by Ward include 'Unlucky Georgie' for The Christmas Holiday Comic, 'Dick's Quick Tricks' for The Seaside Comic, and 'Ice Cream for All' for Sunny Sands. From 1938, he drew for Knockout Comic, but from 1940 however, Ward was best known as the leading Film Fun cartoonist. Norman Ward continued to draw up to his sudden and premature death in 1959.

Bud Abbot and Lou Costello, by Norman Ward
'Abbott & Costello'. 

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