comic art by Éric Warnauts
Comic art by Éric Warnauts. 

Éric Warnauts, brother of Marc-Renier, published his first pages in the fanzine Oufti after his studies at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège. Next, he made 'Passion Vinyle' for Futuropolis, and 'Take the Moon' and 'Moonlight Serenades' for Le Mirroir.

In 1986, Warnauts worked on 'Les Enquêtes de Pat Archer' in l'Écho des Savanes. In 1987 he started a longtime cooperation with Raives, with whom he created numerous series, like 'Lou Cale', ' Un diamant sous la Lune', 'L'Orfèvre' and 'Les Suites Vénitiennes'.

L'Orfèvre, by Eric Warnauts

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