Dirty Pair, by Adam Warren
'Dirty Pair'. 

Adam Warren studied at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey, from 1985. He got interested in manga and anime, especially the Dirty Pair TV series. He started planning an American version of 'Dirty Pair' in 1986. He teamed up with Toren Smith of Studio Proteus and eventually got the rights to make the American 'Dirty Pair' comic series. Since then, Warren has worked on several long and short 'Dirty Pair' stories for Dark Horse Comics. In addition, he has worked on other series, such as the 'Bubble Gum Crisis' mini-series and some 'Gen 13' limited series ('Grung: the Movie' and 'Magical Drama Queen Roxy'). He also took on scripting the regular 'Gen 13' title at DC.

Dirty Pair, by Adam WarrenDirty Pair, by Adam Warren
'Dirty Pair'. 

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