Krisko and Jasper, by Jack A. Warren (Blue Bolt, 1946)
'Krisko and Jasper'. 

Jack Alonzo Vincent Warren was born in 1886 in Crawfordsville, Indiana. He grew up in Iowa, and learned "hoss sense" in Wyoming and Montana. At the age of 15 he lost an eye. He began drawing and informed his father that he wanted to be a great western artist, like Frederic Remington. His father sent him to a ranch in Montana, with his drawing pad and pencils. It was there that he made some lifelong friends, including Maurice "Tex" Ritter and Tex O'Reiley. In time, Jack Warren ended up in Chicago with GL Lockwood and The Lockwood School of Art. He and his wife Dorothy eventually moved to New York City, where his fine art career grew out of his illustration work.

Loco Luke by Jack Warren
'Loco Luke'. 

Eventually, Jack and his old friend Tex O'Reiley created the 'Pecos Bill' strip for The Sun. The strip rose quickly to pre-World War II fame and earned Jack a career as a western-genre Illustrator and cartoonist, cooperating on the strip with O'Reiley. When O'Reiley died in 1938, Warren created 'Pecos Pete' which ran for two years. This was during a squabble over the rights to 'Pecos Bill'. It was the same character only he had received a lump on the noggin', and forgot who he was (amnesia). Jack Warren also created the child cowboy character 'Loco Luke'. Another comic which later was found in Disney animation was 'Barb, the Horse'. He did several pieces which were seen in Blue Bolt Comics (Novelty), such as 'Krisko and Jasper' and 'Spec Pot & Spud'. Warren's art also appeared in a number of Lev Gleason, Spotlight and Marvel titles. His daughter, Betty Warren, was a well-known portraitist.

Pecos Bill, by Jack Warren
'Pecos Bill'. 

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