Aan Rika by Marc Weikamp
'Aan Rika'. 

Marc Weikamp is a Dutch graphic designer and illustrator based in Zutphen. He has a bachelor in Illustration and one in Graphic Design from the ArtEZ School of the Arts. He has been active as a commercial illustrator since 2000, with a focus on graphic design, illustrations and infographics. Among his commercial clientele are publications about child education, such as J/M voor Ouders magazine and books by Paulien Bom.

In 2016, Syndikaat released his book with contemporary and illustrated adaptations of poems by Piet Paaltjens, the alter ego of Dutch poet and pastor François Haverschmidt (1835-1894). Weikamp picked nine poems for the book, called 'Piet Paaltjens in Beeld' (Syndikaat, 2016), all with a penchant for unrequited love and sorrow.

Piet Paaltjes in Beeld
Comic art by Marc Weikamp.


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