Margie, by Morris Weiss

Morris S. Weiss was active as a comic artist from the 1930s throughout the 1970s, and is best-known for creating the teen girls feature 'Margie'. Weiss was born in New York City, and began his career in comics in 1934 as a letterer of Ed Wheelan's 'Minite Movies' comic strip and Harold Knerr's 'The Katzenjammer Kids'. In the early 1940s, he had his own syndicated strip called 'It Never Fails', and he was hired by United Feature Syndicate to draw 'Joe Jinks'. He assisted Lank Leonard on 'Mickey Finn' between 1936 and 1943, and again from 1960 until taking over completely after Leonard's retirement in 1968 until the strip's end in 1976.

By 1943, Weiss turned to comic books, drawing 'Boxie Weaver', 'Private Plopp' and 'Petey and Pop' for titles published by Holyoke Publications. He made the 'M.P. Muffit' comic panel for the camp newspaper while fulfilling his military service at Fort Eustis in Newport News, Virginia.

He did his first work for Timely in 1946, and specialized in girls' comic books. He drew stories starring 'Tessie the Typist', and created the character of 'Margie' for Margie Comics, Georgie Comics and Patsy Walker. He made a comic called 'The Adventures of Pinky Lee' in cooperation with Stan Lee, and wrote the 'Joe Palooka' strip for Tony DiPreta between 1962 and 1970. Weiss and his wife are also the founders of the Miami Society for Autistic Children.

Mickey Finn, by Moriss Weiss
Mickey Finn, by Moriss Weiss
'Mickey Finn'. 

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