Movin' In, by Brett Weldele (Confessions of a Cerial Eater #1, 2000)
'Movin' In' (Confessions of a Cerial Eater #1, 2000).

Brett Weldele is a comic book artist, originally from Great Falls, Montana. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked on comic books like 'The Surrogates' (with Robert Venditti), 'Shot Callerz' (with Anthony Johnston), 'Couscous Express' (with Brian Wood) and 'Confessions of a Cerial Eater' (with Rob Maisch). He has made the graphic novel prequels to Richard Kelly's film 'Southland Tales. Weldele has done the Marvel miniseries 'The B Sides' and the action serial 'Silent Ghost' for Markosia Comics.

The Light by Brett Weldele
'The Light'.

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