De Comeback van De Fret, by Alex Wesselink
'De Comeback van de Fret'.

Alex Wesselink got his degree at the Art Academy in Arnhem, with a focus on comics. He draws and paints for several publishers and gives workshops in comics and painting for children. Two books of his comic 'De Comeback van De Fret' were published by Silvester comics in 2003 and 2005. Together with Yke Schotanus, Wesselink made this comic about the comeback of a 1970s rock artist. Together with Pasqual Merton, he made the taxi comic 'Afzetters' in Myx.

Wesselink also makes comics and illustrations in commission, such as the 2009 booklet 'Wessel Wachter' for the Railway Pension fund. Wesselink has experimented with 3D illustration and e-Comics, like the iPad app he developed for his comic 'Afzetters'. He is a bass player in several bands, varying from jazzrock to tango and salsa. As a fine artist, he makes large paintings for stage plays and music shows, as well as free work.

Since 2017 he is a member of the band Panama Paupers, together with fellow (former) comic artists Tonio van Vugt, Remco Lee Polman and Menno Kooistra.

Afzetters, by Alex Wesselink
'Afzetters'. Translation: - De Graaier: "Gerrit, for the taxi diploma a new chauffeur will be doing an internship." - Gerrit: "You're not going to ask him whether I want to accompany him with that, Mr. De Graaier?" - De Graaier: "You're the most experienced in my company." - Gerrit: "Name me anything about the business that I could explain better than any other colleague." - Employee: "Well, for example: don't contradict the boss...". Gerrit: "O yeah." - De Graaier: "Just to name one thing." 

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