The Filth, by Chris Weston
'The Filth'. 

Chris Weston was born in Rinteln, Germany, and subsequently raised in a variety of countries. Around 1980, he and his family returned to England. He learned the finer points of the comics profession from Don Lawrence, and did his first professional work for 2000 AD ('Judge Dredd', 'Future Shock'). He eventually teamed up with writer John Smith, and created the ten-part 'Indigo Prime' story, 'Killing Time', followed by 'Canon Fodder' with Mark Millar. Through Millar, he was then introduced to DC Comics, where he debuted with 'Swamp Thing'. He had a successul run on 'The Filth' for DC/Vertigo, and has also worked on other projects such as 'Invisibles', 'Enemy Ace: War in Heaven', 'Ministry of Space', 'Lucifer' and 'The Dreaming'.

Ministry of Space, by Christ Weston
'Ministry of Space'.

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