Operation Peril by Ogden Whitney
'Operation Peril' #11, July 1952.

Ogden Whitney is a comic artist from the Golden Age of American comics. Throughout the 1940s, he illustrated numerous stories for such comic books as A-1 Comics and Big Shot Comics. For both B&I and The American Comics Group, he illustrated numerous war stories, such as 'Soldier of Fortune' and 'Operation Peril', as well as science fiction comics ('Adventures into the Unknown', 'Forbidden Worlds') and romantic love stories ('Romantic Adventures', 'Wedding Bells').

Undercover Girl, by Ogden Whitney (1952)
'Undercover Girl' (1952).

His most famous work however, came with the creation of 'Herbie Popnecker', a fat boy addicted to lollipops, but with undefined and unexplained super powers. 'Herbie' first appeared in the sci-fi/horror feature Forbidden Worlds in 1958, and got its own feature in 1964. Other famous work by Whitney was done for the 'Skyman' series. 

The Cloak, by Ogden Whitney
'The Cloak'.

In the later stages of his career, Whitney drew for Tower Comics on series like 'T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents' and 'NoMan', and for Marvel on 'The Two-Gun Kid'. Ogden Whitney stood out for his beautiful automobiles and alluringly luscious women.

Herbie, by Ogden WhitneyHerbie, by Ogden Whitney
'Herbie Popnecker'. 
Operation Peril, by Ogden WhitneyOperation Peril, by Ogden Whitney
'Manhunt' and 'Operation Peril'. 

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