The Flash, by Mike Wieringo
 'The Flash'.

Mike Wieringo has done work for every major publisher including Marvel, DC and Image Comics since the 1990s. His first major work was on 'The Flash' for DC Comics with writer Mark Waid. Mike established a look and feel for that title that has influenced other artists on that title for years. Wieringo has worked on most of the major characters in the comic industry including 'Rogue', 'Robin', 'Spider-Man', 'Superman', 'X-Men' and many others. He is also  co-creator of the popular 'Tellos' comic series with writer Todd Dezago. He has reunited with writer Mark Waid to re-invigorate the 'Fantastic Four' for Marvel Comics, and cooperated with Peter David on the title 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man'. Mike has also done animation design, licensing illustration and package art for many companies. Mike Wieringo died of a heart attack at his home in Durham, North Carolina, at the age of 44.

The Ringo Awards, which have been established since 2017, are named after him. They reward special achievements in the field of comic books. 

Tellos, by Mike Wieringo

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