Zap & Bumper by Rob Wighman

Rob Wighman is a commercial artist from Amsterdam, who makes illustrations, concepts, visuals, cartoons, character design, caricatures and comics. He is best-known for creating 'Zap & Bumper' (1995-2016), the mascots of Tsjakka!, a children's magazine distributed in Dutch supermarkets.

Early life
Wighman got his artistic education at the Amsterdam Graphic School, where he graduated in 1974. He has been working as a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and visualizer since, using a variety of techniques.

Tsjakka! covers from 1995 and 2009.

Since the mid-1990s, the Cooperative Purchasing Association Superunie publishes the monthly magazine Boodschappen. It offers recipes and other culinary inspiration for the customers of the associated newspapers (Boni, MCD, Coop, Deen, Dekamarkt, Bas/Dirk/Digros, Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, Nettorama, Poiesz, Emté, Spar, Plus and Vomar). Between January 1995 and June 2016, a children's supplement appeared in the magazine's center, called Tsjakka!. It aimed at a readership of 8-14 years old. Rob Wighman was hired to create its mascots, and provide artwork for its cover and interior pages. The now-defunct interactive website was launched in 2000.

The original main characters, a cool kid called Zap and his dog Bumper, were (later) joined by their friends Bubbles, Femke, wizkid Dokkie and comic relief Siem. They appeared in short adventures, gag comics and activity pages, while livening up the covers as well. Grocery shopping was regularly incorporated into the storylines. Wighman did all the scriptwork, artwork and coloring throughout the magazine's run.

Zap & Bumper by Rob Wighman

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