Mary Ellen by Jack Wilhelm
Mary Ellen

Jack R. Wilhelm was an artist of newspaper comics during the 1920s and 1930s. Born in Fulton, Kentucky, he spent his childhood in Oklahoma City and moved to New York City in the 1920s. His first known work is the short-lived feature 'Falbes in Slangwidge' for the Wheeler-Nicholson syndicate in July 1926. He was then associated with the McClure Syndicate for 'Meet The Misses' (1927-1930) and 'That Certain Party' (1928-1931). The latter ran in Illinois paper like the Rockford Republic and the Rockford Morning Star and was also known as 'Mary Ellen', 'Nancy' and 'That William Person'.

Chip Collins, by Jack Wilhelm
Chip Collins' Adventures

He worked for the Central Press Association in the 1930s. He made the feature 'Frank Merriwell's Schooldays', based on the well-known dime novel sports hero with writer Gilbert Pattern between July 1931 and July 1934. Both Wilhelm and Pattern continued with their own feature 'Chip Collins' Adventures' from July 1934. It was basically the same concept, and Pattern was quickly succeeded by William Ritt. Wilhelm drew the feature until nearly the end in July 1935; the final installments were drawn by Paul Frehm. Wilhelm then became a staff artist with the Chicago Herald-American and passed away in Hines, Illinois in April 1945.

Frank Merriwell's Schooldays by Jack Wilhelm
Frank Merriwell's Schooldays<

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