Illustration by Henriette Willebeek Le Mair
The Dreadful Story of the Matches, one of the stories by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann

Henriëtte Willebeek Le Mair is one of the classic Dutch illustrators of children's tales. She made illustrations for several children's nursery books, starting with 'Premières Dondes Enfantines' when she was fifteen years of age in 1904. Her drawings, that sometimes consisted of sequential panels, have illustrated stories by A. A. Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Noor Inayat Khan and the German psychiatrist Heinrich Hoffmann. Books with her work are printed to this day, and have been seen by generations of children around the world. She was also a leader of the Dutch division of the Sufi Order International, just like her husband, Hubertus Paulus van Tuyll van Serooskerken.

Illustration by Henriette Willebeek le Mair

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