Nuts, by Gahan Wilson
'Nuts', by Gahan Wilson.

Gahan Wilson is an artist, writer and editor with an impressive production stretching from the early 1950s until the late 2010s. He was best known for his cartoons, which appeared in numerous magazines, most importantly in Playboy. Influenced by artist Charles Addams (from 'The Addams Family'), Basil Wolverton and the weird, haunting fantasy tales by H.P. Lovecraft, Wilson developed an oeuvre which is of a similar fantastic and weird quality. His first work appeared in 1954, when Amazing Stories published one of his stories.

Nuts (about comics), by Gahan Wilson
'Nuts (about comics)', by Gahan Wilson.

His cartoons, which have an absurd, nightmarish but always humorous edge to them, were initially rejected by most magazines, on account of "the broader public not being able to understand them". Eventually, through a stroke of luck, Colliers published them and other magazines caught on quickly.

Gahan Wilson has become a legendary name in the world of fantasy and science fiction. Involved with many Fantasy Conventions and editor of the 'First World Fantasy Collection Anthology', he received a lifetime achievement award in 1995. He has written children's books such as 'Harry, the Fat Bear Spy', books like 'Eddie Deco's Last Caper' and 'The Cleft' and his cartoon work has been published in collections such as 'Playboy's Gahan Wilson' and 'Gahan Wilson's Graveside Manner'.

Gahan Wilson was a strong influence on Barbara DaleEverett Peck, Rich PowellRichard Sala and Cal Schenkel

Halloween Jack o' Lantern cartoon by Gahan Wilson (1974)
Halloween cartoon by Gahan Wilson (1974). 

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