Frumpy the Clown, by Judd Winick
'Frumpy The Clown'. 

Judd Winick started his comic career at the age of sixteen, when his strip 'Nuts & Bolts' ran weekly in a local newspaper. In 1988, Judd started attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and continued his strips in The Michigan Daily until 1992. After graduating, Judd had a development deal with a major syndicate, but eventually the bottom dropped out and Judd moved back with his parents in New York, where he started doing freelance illustration work.

In 1994, Winick took part in MTV's 'The Real World' documentary, where seven people were placed in a San Francisco apartment and filmed for six months. This gave him the break he needed: his comic was placed in the San Francisco Examiner. Together with his 'Real World' roommate and AIDS patient Pedro Zamora, Judd began an educational tour about AIDS. After Zamora died in 1994 from the illness, Judd continued the tour by himself in 1995. After the tour, Winick submitted one of his comic characters, Frumpy the Clown, for syndication again and this time he was contracted. In July 1996, 'Frumpy' began to run in 30 national newspapers. At the same time, Winick started working on a graphic novel about his friend Pedro, 'Pedro and Me', which was eventually published in 2000. Disillusioned with daily comics, Judd gave up 'Frumpy the Clown' and now devotes himself to other comic genres which allow more room for storytelling. His 'The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius' has become a great success.

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