Buck Danny by Francis Winis
Buck Danny - 'Cobra Noir'.

Francis Winis was born in Franch-Comté. He studied Architecture at the Fine Arts school of Paris, and then specialized in Space Architecture in Houston, USA. He worked on the interior of the living compartment of the International Space Station. He continued to work on space travel-related projects in France, and was an instructor at the Centre of European Astronauts in Germany.

He additionally took courses in comic art from Joseph Béhé's Atelier BH. By 2010 Winis and his friend Frédéric Zumbiehl, a former fighter pilot, got the opportunity to take over the classic aviation series 'Buck Danny', following the retirement of Francis Bergèse. Their first and only collaboration, 'Cobra Noir' (2014) was published by Dupuis. Afterwards Zumbiehl continued 'Buck Danny' with a different artist: Gil Formosa

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