Abrafaxe, by Irmtraut Winkler-Wittig

Born in Schulzendorf, Irmtraut Winkler-Wittig grew up in Berlin during World War II. She and her family fled from the bombed city and settled in Einsiedel. There, she studied to become a tailor, but she eventually didn't chose this occupation. After working as a porcelain painter for a while, she became housewife. In 1965, she worked with Hannes Hegen for the first time, when she made puppets for the 'Digedags' characters.

Kuntz der Miniritter, by Winkler-Wittig
'Kuntz der Miniritter'. 

When her husband passed away in 1973, she went to work for Hegen again, this time as a colorist for Mosaik. She started drawing comics and stories when the 'Abrafaxe' series was launched. Winkler-Wittig also drew comics and covers for Atze magazine ('Kuntz der Miniritter' in 1990-91) and was the creator of 'Flori', a character for the German fire brigade federation. She retired in 1993 and passed away in 2013.

comic art by Irmtraut Winkler-Wittigcomic art by Irmtraut Winkler-Wittig
Cover illustrations for Atze, 1989. 


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