Diggy the Derrick by Charles W. Winter
Diggy the Derrick (Frisky Fables volume 2, issue 11, 1947)

Charles W. Winter, also known as "Chuck Winter" or "C.W. Winter" was a gag cartoonist for American comic books during the 1940s and 1950s. He was born in Brooklyn on 23 March 1918. His credits are often mixed up with Charles A. Winter's work, who was also known as Chuck Winter and drew for comic books during the same period. C.W. Winter's work was funny stuff however, while C.A. Winter drew mostly superhero and horror stories.

Thorny the Cactus (Punch and Judy Comics volume 2, issue 1, 1946)

In the period 1945-1957, Winter drew comical features for companies like Eastern Color (Jingle Jangle Comics), Hillman (Punch and Judy Comics, Clue Comics), Novelty Press (Frisky Fables), Holyoke Publishing (Sparkling Stars), Star Publications (Holiday Comics), St. John Publishing (Abbott and Costello Comics, The Texan) and Farrell (Super-Cat). These were mostly one-shot gag cartoons or illustrations, but also more regular features (gags and short stories) like 'Thorny the Cactus', 'Hank and His Whale' (both Punch and Judy Comics), 'Jit Jones' (Sparkling Stars), 'Diggy the Derrick' (Frisky Fables, Super-Cat) and 'Justin Tyme' (Abbott and Costello Comics).

From 3 March until 7 July 1946, Charles Winter also drew the newspaper comic strip 'Lady De Van' for the McNaught Syndicate. It ran on Sundays as a topper strip to 'Joe Palooka' by Ham Fisher. Charles W. Winter passed away in Tucson, Arizona, on 9 November 1974. He should also not be confused with classic illustrator Charles Allen Winter (1869-1942).

"Jit" Jones (Sparkling Stars #19, 1946)

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