Fred de Wit was a Belgian painter. His single contribution to comic history was the chivalry comic series 'Marnix van Sanmarty' (1989-1990).

Fred "Freddy" de Wit was born in 1947 in Reet, a town 18 kilometers south of Antwerp. He passed away in 2002 in Mortsel at age 75.

Marnix van Sanmarty
Although he was mainly known as a painter, he had a short excursion into comic art in the late 1980s. Together with his scriptwriter wife Ingrid van Dyck, he created two volumes of the chivalry adventure comic series 'Marnix van Sanmarty'. After a first installment published by DVB Uitgaven, 'Het Tornooi', was published by DVB Uitgaven, the series appeared under the IO Uitgaven imprint. This included a re-edition of the first book, as well as a second installment, 'De Metgezellen van Ambarro' (1990). From the start, the back cover advertised a four-part series, but the third and fourth volumes, 'Het Beest' and 'Het Hoofd van Baphomet', were never published.

'Marnix van Sanmarty'. 

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